CreepyCo Goosebumps Collection.

CreepyCo Goosebumps Collection.

It’s no secret that I LOVE Goosebumps, grew up reading the books, watched the TV show religiously when it was on before Zack Files and Are You Afraid Of The Dark? (I still break out the series on the regular and watch some of my fave episodes) and Creepy Co. make absolutely killer pins so when they announced a Goosebumps collection , naturally the second the items went live I grabbed some of em.

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Hello boils and ghouls!

I figure since I spend so much of my time (and income) with horror, specifically vintage horror, I should make a blog about it.

I’m gonna aim for one post a week but don’t hold me to that.

Anyway, just wanted to make a proper introduction post so hey there I’m Android, runner of this blog and this tumblr, and a certified human disaster.

Happy haunts and I’ll see you next time.