Glow in the dark enamel pin, retro horror board games and super rad artwork? This is one of the coolest pins I own.

Lunar Crypt Co. , one of my favourite stores, has a line of monster toy pins (Gre-Gory the bat is the other one currently available) and the newest one is Bat’s in Your Belfry so I thought why not make a quick post about it.

For those not in the know, Bats in Your Belfry  is a board game from the 60’s. It’s pretty rad, you catch little bats with monster hands as they fly out of a 3D haunted castle.

The pin’s high quality and has two spikes at the back for securing to clothing or pin displays/cork boards.

The enamel is vivid and the colours are bright, my picture doesn’t do the glow justice honestly, after an hour under the light it was glowing up a storm, bright green and perfectly spooky.

I can’t recommend these dudes enough, all their pins are fantastic, and you should definitely go check them out.



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