It’s no secret that I LOVE Goosebumps, grew up reading the books, watched the TV show religiously when it was on before Zack Files and Are You Afraid Of The Dark? (I still break out the series on the regular and watch some of my fave episodes) and Creepy Co. make absolutely killer pins so when they announced a Goosebumps collection , naturally the second the items went live I grabbed some of em.


I nabbed the Deadhouse Replica Book Box Set, Horrorland and Curly the Skeleton pins.

As always the quality is fantastic, enamel is crisp and bright, all of the printing is high quality and nothing has any intentional imperfections.

First up: The Deadhouse Box.


The box is a replica of the Welcome To Dead House book complete with back cover and faux pages. It’s awesome, there’s a ton of detail put into this and it’s definately a box I’m gonna keep on display.

My version of Dead House is different to the one the box is based on, I think it’s due to it being the AUZ version of the book rather than the US one but the art and font are spot on. Back of the book looks different on my copy of it vs the box but the blurb is the same.

But Android, I can hear you asking,WHAT is in the box? Well here’s the list of contents from the website:

✖ Unisex “Dead House” jumbo print shirt (Size M for my order)
✖ exclusive variant glow-in-the-dark, hard enamel logo pin
✖ exclusive variant mini LED flashlight with wrist strap
✖ jumbo “Haunted Mask” sticker

And here’s all the items:


First up the shirt:

The printing is high quality and the image is clear with no imperfections, the colours are a lot brighter in person. The shirt itself is very comfy and fits fine, it’s a tiny bit bigger than most of my shirts (all M for the most part) but only by like .5-1CM.

The flash light is bright and came with bateries, it worked out great because I needed a new mini flashlight to keep in my bag anyway.

The Haunted Mask sticker is crisp and still creeps me out as much as the cover does, it’s a nice gloss finish and feels very sturdy.

The pin is only avalibe in the box set right now, I’m not sure if it’s going to be released for general sale later on in some form but this one is the exclusive glow version of it.

The pin is a really cool mix of silver and the classic green, it’s a decent size and that second image is how bright it was after being left directly underneith my ceiling light for about two hours, theres two points on the back to attach to clothing or display boards.

Besides the box I aso grabbed two pins from the set, one from another favorite goosebumps book and the other the one and only Curly.


For anyone not in the know Curly was the mascott for Goosebumps for a fairly long time before Slappy kinda became the unoficial mascott due to his neumerious apperances, you’ve proberbly seen Curly’s other design since it’s used for a few art pieces and traiding cards; a skeleton with a white buzz cut. I always found his pink mohawk design way cooler and jumped at the chance to own one of these pins.

The pin is medium sized andagain, a lot brighter in person. It has the two points for attachment like the others, it’s solid and the enamel is high quality with no defects.

The last of the pins is the Horrorland one:


One Day At Horrorland has one of the coolest covers in the series and I always dug the creepy theme park and monster behind the sign so it’s rad to have it on a pin.

Like the others it’s very VERY high quality and sturdy, again two spikes on the back for attachment/display and the enamel is crisp and bright.

All in all, Creepy Co are fantastic and have some of the best pins, always high quality and even when I screwed up and ordered the wrong size box helped me order the right one and had steller customer service.




One thought on “CreepyCo Goosebumps Collection.

  1. Many thanks for the thoughtful and thorough review, Creep! We love hearing that folks are enjoying the work that we did on our first Goosebumps release. Hope to keep exciting and impressing you for years to come. Stay Creepy!


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