I’m back!

Wow okay so that was a hell of an absence wasn’t it?

Long story short, life happened and I ended up graduating uni, complete with attending my grad exhibition, the same week I had major surgery, crazy ain’t it? To top it all off I also had to jump into a full time job to help out the family so that left me with…not that much free time to blog.

“But Android what’s all this got to do with coming back to blogger??” you may ask, WELL! Now that I have an actual income and exactly no post surgery recovering to do I can FINALLY treat this gig right! That means:

  • Movies!
  • Reviews!
  • Showing off collectables!
  • I’m trying to get a pin and patch store set up!
  • And even my own art!

Exiting I know, so just hold on tight my dudes because we’re gonna get wild very soon

Stay weird,



Hello boils and ghouls!

I figure since I spend so much of my time (and income) with horror, specifically vintage horror, I should make a blog about it.

I’m gonna aim for one post a week but don’t hold me to that.

Anyway, just wanted to make a proper introduction post so hey there I’m Android, runner of this blog and this tumblr, and a certified human disaster.

Happy haunts and I’ll see you next time.